3DSANDBOX is an interactive, realtime 3D art experience. It requires one group of users to interact with a miniature set, which is being filmed and displayed to a second group of users using an experimental single camera 3D capture system, that relies on temporal manipulation to extract 3D from a single constantly moving camera.

3DSANDBOX aims to capture an uninhibited, playful and childlike interactivity, whilst creating a space for audience performance and participation. It is also an inquiry into the nature of vision and sight, and the human sensory experience.

3DSANDBOX was on display at the Black and White Gallery at CalArts as a part of the Varia Stereoscopic Group Show on December 7th, 2017. It was created by James Anderson, Clay Burton and Shaurjya Banerjee.


3DSANDBOX 2 was on display at the CalArts Digital Arts Expo on May 3rd, 2018. It was an iteration on the original 3DSANDBOX concept and was made to use 360 camera travel.

The set for 3DSANDBOX 2 was circular and its walls were covered with animation cells and backgrounds, that created three distinct scenes, with a small gap in the walls for the audience themselves to be picked up by the camera feed as the fourth scene.

The set was populated with a number of puppets and toys as well as scenic elements like trees at a variety of different scales, and the camera was located at the very center of the set, located very close to the surface of the table.

3DSANDBOX 2 was created by James Anderson, Clay Burton and Shaurjya Banerjee.